Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Junix Inocian Celebrity and Photographer

Junix Inocian isn't only known as the Engineer in London's Miss Saigon (London Cast) or Tom Tanaka in Tatuerad Torso (the movie version of a Swedish Crime Novel), he's also Junix Inocian the photographer.

To say that he's one of my most admired stage actors is an understatement.

My Sundays in the home country were peppered by visits to Insular Life building where I was treated to matinee theatre c/o Repertory and while I cannot remember the exact play he was in, I do remember that Junix Inocian in whatever role was painfully funny.

Seriously, if we were going to a play and Junix had a part, I could not eat a lot for lunch out of fear of laughing it all out.

Junix calls this photo PINHEAD.

Certainly a photographer to watch. Will coax him to let me post more photos on this blog.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is an amazing photo Junix!

24/3/10 5:01 AM  
Blogger angels4kids said...

Very interesting. Nice photo.

Yes, Junix was one of those we loved watching at the Rep plays. He's definitely talented.

24/3/10 5:19 AM  

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